Yoga Class Descriptions

DAY ONE – Friday Feb. 15th


“Down n Dirty | Ganesha in Motion”
Janet Stone

We’ll start with our deep roots into the earth, where Ganesha, “the remover of obstacles,” resides. This workshop is designed to honor the new beginning of each breath as you bring fierce strength to your legs and hips, ignite your core power, and liberate your upper body–all to allow you to be more fully connected to the now. We’ll get down n’ dirty with the sound stylings of DJ Drez.


DAY TWO – Saturday Feb. 16th


“Accessing the Power, Energy + Light of your Being”
an Atma Yoga experience with Saul David Raye

Atma in Sanskrit means the inner Self, soul or spirit. It is the essence of who we are and the source of our energy, light and power. This class will focus on the emotional center of the Solar Plexus, strengthening the will through the fire element. Radiance, confidence and balance of Spirit / Ego. A tantric based practice weaving of dynamic asana, breathwork, meditation, chanting, music, intuitive movement and heart wisdom teachings to experience the infinite Source within. AUM


“Power Master Class”
Bryan Kest 

Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga Master Class is a well rounded flowing asana practice integrating mental practices that enhance everyday living. The class is intended to invigorate your body and help you practice developing a calm, less reactive state of mind with dynamic flowing routines. You are encouraged to focus on the process and not the end result. This allows ALL levels of yoga practitioners to enjoy and benefit from the class


“Durga Flow | Fierce Compassion”
Janet Stone

The goddess Durga embodies the attributes of fierce compassion, patience, and fearlessness. Through aligning with her powers, we can experience the full force of divine love in its gentlest and its fiercest forms. How do we dance with the Kali energy as it moves through us and in the world? How do we open to her transformative shakti, and learn how to receive and embody the power of love? This class offers both insight into and experience of the gifts that come from understanding how Durga works in our practice and in our lives.



DAY THREE – Sunday Feb. 17th

8:00am- 9:30am

“Rise to the Music and Shine in you Heart”
Patrick Harrington, Tricia Heimbach, Mike Konrad, Shannon Paige, and Livia Shapiro

Join some of our most beautiful and talented local yoga guides as they guide you in rising to the energy of the music and shining the full strength of your heart.  This practice is a wonderful way to begin the last day of our celebratory weekend of Bhakti, Yoga, and Love.


“Kirtan Vinyasa Flow”
Govindas and Radha

Kirtan Vinyasa Flow is a blissful mandala of kirtan, movement, asana, devotion, bhakti-philosophy, and prayer. Like a moving meditation and devotional dance, Govindas and Radha will guide yogis and yoginis through flowing vinyasa movements and live kirtan (yogic chanting) at the SAME TIME! This ritual is designed to compassionately open our bodies, voices, minds and hearts, and help each of us cultivate our own unique and loving relationship with the divine. Be prepared to sing, sweat, dance, and pray!



Post Fest

“The Power of the Heart : Yoga and Bhakti Immersion Class”
With Saul David Raye & special guests

Ancient mystics experienced the Heart as the true center of our being. Modern science and medicine are understanding this profound truth more every year. The heart is over 5,000 times energetically more powerful than any other part of our being. The heart is the infinite quantum, space within where all polarities dissolve and we experience our connection to source as Oneness. We live in a time of transformation, that is about waking up into consciousness, your heart is the center, this is the essence of Yogic teachings and all traditions of sacred wisdom. Saul will share powerful Yoga/Tantra practices including asana, breathwork. Meditation and chanting for healing the heart on different levels of consciousness as well as deeper teachings from the upanishads and other tradtions. AUM

All levels are welcome.