What you hold closest, becomes you.


Shraddha…the term may be unfamiliar. It may be the first time you’ve heard it. It may sound like some odd dish they serve in a dusty corner of the globe where niceties are not observed, or a combination of something you wear and could also possibly eat, a mix of cloak and Injera, that wonderful Ethiopian substance that could be described as “pita cloth.”

It could be any of those things; it could be anything you desire. Shraddha directly translated means “that which you place in your heart.” It could be an idea, an emotion, a beautiful thought you had when you were a child, any thing. Think of your heart as a sacred vessel, where you put your most secret desires, your most sacred dreams. This is where you hold the things that are most important, so you hold them closest.

What you hold closest to you, becomes you.

Take a moment to just meditate on that, what are the things you hold closest to you? Are they good things, are they things that move you along, helping you keep pace with the flow of life…or are they little anchors that require their chords to be snipped?

We asked a few weeks ago if you had bought your ticket to Denver Chantfest yet, so the same question will now get asked again: have you bought your ticket yet? If the answer is no, read on–in fact read on anyway–because you’re about to get a lot more excited.

The old saying goes that you surround yourself with good people, a support group that helps you on your way through this amazing journey called “life.” You cannot choose your family, a fact, but you can choose who you spend your time with. In some very real ways these people become your family. There’s an important difference between people who smile to put on a mask, and those who smile to give you energy in hopes of pouring light into you. If you’ve been to a yoga festival you’ve probably experienced some forms of this. Moving as one in asanas can be quite transformative, but something magical happens when entire groups of people join their voices, either with the “simplest” Om, or the soul-revealing power of kirtan chanting. If it does make you slightly uneasy, this is even more of a reason to go, as you will experience the most dramatic shifts. You cannot come to Chantfest and leave the same person. Whether it is listening to the blazing Vishuddha chakra within Jai Uttal or flowing through energetic vinyasa with Rusty Wells, you will be surrounded by a community of people who are using the tools of chanting and yoga to remove unnecessary energy, to slip out from under the things that do not serve us.

It is our hope that you come to Chantfest to be filled up, to begin (or continue) to create wonders. Coming to Chantfest to have fun is merely the byproduct of beginning to ignite yourself.

- Come to Chantfest to feel the synergy of beautiful souls all moving and singing together.
– Come to Chantfest to remember that love is the reason you came to this planet.

It is what you are, then sit with the idea that this is not some great moment you experienced, but you have to go back to “reality.” This is reality, being in bliss is your natural state. Take it with you.

So, one one final time, have you gotten your ticket yet?