Sunday Yoga & Workshop Classes

Kindness is Evolution

with Patrick Harrington

Evolution is the process of changing patterns that don’t work… into new patterns that do work.  And right now, humanity’s greatest evolutionary need is the shift from violence – inflicted upon ourselves and others – to kindness.

Join local teacher, studio owner, and visionary Patrick Harrington for a full-spectrum, all-levels flow designed to enliven your awareness and deepen your desire to cultivate compassion in your asana practice, your work, and all other areas of your life.”


Rockin’ Bhakti: Devotion in Motion

with Christen Bakken

Despite best efforts to be welcoming and of service, it is common for many practitioners to be nervous about beginning a bhakti yoga practice. Will it be weird? Do I believe what they believe? Do we have to sing? This asana practice is a gentle introduction to a powerful practice of offering and devotion. With focus on key vinyasa poses and alignment, students will be able to shift their intention past what the poses look like and move into the space of what it feels like. It is not WHAT poses we do but HOW we do them that will change our lives. What we can create for ourselves on the mat, can be shared with others everywhere in an effort for more peace, greater compassion, and stronger intention.


Seranading the Divine: Sacred Music, Mantra, & the Shamanic Voice

with Piper Rose and Bast

FREE your voice! Sing and speak from the heart. This teaching is for those who long for a yogic, shamanic, devotional, and playful approach to vocal practice. This is especially supportive to the budding singer, performer, teacher/ facilitator, and public speaker. Awaken the Vishuddha (throat) chakra in this in-depth teaching. You will explore:

  • Tantric bija mantras & esoteric principles of mantra practice
  • Bhajans (devotional kirtan songs)
  • Shlokas (Sanskrit hymns)
  • Sacred myths of the deities
  • The Classical Rasas (aesthetic flavors) of the Natya Shastra as expressed through sound
  • Sacred songs of other cultures around the globe
  • the Yoga of Speech (self-inquiry, visualization, mindfulness, & mantra practices)
  • the 4 Levels of Speech (traditional yogic teaching)
  • Nada yoga (the yoga of sound)
  • Playful shamanic vocal practices


Qi Yoga Flow- Don’t Think; Just Feel

with Dawnelle Arthur

Qi Yoga Flow is an hour of all out choreographed movement inspired by martial arts and dance with little control on breath or alignment – get out of your head and into your body. Be aware; let the body move and experience what happens



Flower of Power (Not included with weekend pass)

with Rusty Wells

Intense vinyasa can actually be steady and comfortable, right? This challenging vinyasa class dares to examine the attitude behind it’s intensity. Find that sweet edge of your own personal power. Visit your edge without jumping off the cliff. Seasoned vinyasa students will enjoy this signature Bhakti Flow class that turns your yoga mat into a flying magic carpet. Come prepared to sweat and sing.