ChantFest Sponsors

We would like to express our gratitude to the following sponsors who are making Denver ChantFest 2014 possible.


Featured Sponsors


Kindness Yoga

Kindness Yoga’s three studios—Cherry Creek, South Broadway and Capitol Hill—serve the Denver yoga community with a wealth of knowledge and diversity of expression, including more than 40 experienced instructors from a deliciously rich range of yogic backgrounds. Under the mindful guidance of Patrick Harrington and Cameron Dabney, Kindness Yoga is proud to represent an all-levels, ever-expanding family of practitioners as they learn to step into the flow of grace—and to tap into their full physical, emotional and spiritual potential. 


Stacey Lane Design

Stacey Lane Design is a full service graphic design company in Denver, CO. Stacey loves working in the health and wellness and metaphysical communities because it allows her to create designs with “spirit”. She also also has a special non-profit rate because it’s important to her to make a difference in the world.



CommUNITY Sponsors

hanuman LOGO MAY 2013

Hanuman Festival

Hanuman Festival is a community-oriented yoga and music festival set at the foot of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Join us in Boulder, Colorado June 12 – 15, 2014 for a celebration with world-class yoga instructors, mind-blowing music, inspirational experiences and a nourishing community. Immerse yourself in body, mind and heart as you relax and rejuvenate, dance and devote, connect and expand, have fun and just be.


Friday Night Yoga Club

Friday Night Yoga Club is a night time yoga playground featuring our favorite DJ’s, Live Musicians, Yoga Teachers, Wellness Vendors and like-minded people. Whether you make it a night with your friends, date night, or feel like rolling solo, Friday Night Yoga Club, the sister event to Yoga Rocks the Park is a perfect night out to flow & mingle with like-minded amazing people to the soundtrack of live music. Join us Fridays in Denver through March 28!

Samadhi Yoga

Samadhi Yoga is different from most other Denver yoga centers. You can see it when you walk through our door and you will feel it when you practice in our sacred space. Each student is encouraged to explore the true meaning of yoga in their own body, mind, and soul. We believe that this ancient art has the power to change lives for the better. We are committed to offering what we believe to be the best yoga experience possible.


Qi Yoga

Qi Yoga is an approach to living the best life you can. You cannot accomplish what is important in life if you are physically and mentally imbalanced. We believe in all modes of movement; yoga, dance, gymnastics and more. 


White Swan Records / Black Swan Sounds

Since 1991, White Swan Records has remained steadfastly attuned to the creative listener’s yogic sensibility, developing an alluring, heartful and diverse catalog of music styles including Sanskrit mantra, kirtan Americana, Indo-Jazz Fusion, Zen moods and Sufi melodies from Deva Premal, Donna De Lory, David Newman and more. Our imprint, Black Swan Sounds, patrols the cutting edge of yoga music, presenting a full measure of Beats With Devotion. Uplift, positivity and community are the unifying theme in a catalog ranging from ethno dub and organic hip-hop to psychill soundscapes and global electronica, Featuring: DJ Drez, Desert Dwellers, MC Yogi and more.



Studio/Wellness Sponsors

Meta Yoga Studios

Meta Yoga Studios is the product of a two life-long yogis, teachers & mountain-folk (in no particular order) coming together to create a beautiful space for the Breckenridge Yoga Community to practice and grow. Jason Rodon and Juli Rathke each bring their own unique backgrounds and experiences to Meta – we hope you find a new home for your yoga practice at MYS.


the River Power Vinyasa Yoga

The River Power Vinyasa is beautiful and inspiring yoga studio, in Denver’s Golden Triangle. Our vision is to enrich our community through yoga and the vitality it promises. We accomplish this by providing our students with an amazing, calming environment, fun and engaged instructors, and an authentic concern for every detail of your yoga experience.


J&H Fitness, Nutrition, Counseling

I work with individuals in chronic pain or recovering from injuries. I have 12 years of counseling background and integrate my counseling skills with my background in personal training and holistic nutrtion as a health coach. I help people recovery emotionally and physically so they have more energy and have a higher quality of life. It can be a very exciting journey and does not have to be considered work. The transformation both emotionally and physically will create more energy. Most clients will then be able to focus on work and relationships and not stuck in pain. It is a beauitful journey.


The Grateful Yogi

The Grateful Yogi is passionate about Bhakti yoga, devotional heart-opening yoga, and to help the Las Vegas community heal through these yoga practices including self-love, physical and spiritual health, community, music, creativity and relaxation. 

Our purpose is to help our students find ease and comfort in their own skin and voice through the healing power of Bhakti Yoga. Yoga, Meditation, Movement and Kirtan is offered daily! 


Life Force Project


Life Force Project, creates authentic and transformational experiences through travel, meditation, yoga, cultural immersion, nutrition, fitness, eco-adventure and more. We host a variety of body, mind, soul events from local half day workshops to international retreats in the worlds most captivating destinations. 

“The journey is the reward”

Connect. Expand. Evolve



Dr. Grover is a Integrative and Functional Medicine physician who supports the optimal lifestyle and health of yoga enthusiasts and those who pursue mindful based practices. His practice incorporates bio-identical hormone balancing, nutritional testing, mind-body therapies, and other natural therapies for treatment of health conditions whenever possible. He is Board Certified in Family Medicine, Anti-Aging-Regenerative Medicine, and Integrative Holistic Medicine.



Festival/Media Partners

New World Kirtan

The New World Kirtan Podcast is a weekly 60-minute music show featuring contemporary kirtan artists, hosted and produced by Kitzie Stern. You can find the podcast on ITunes or at

My Yoga Online

My Yoga Online

My Yoga Online is the leading international online source for yoga instruction and overall healthy living. The website promotes mind-body health, wellness and holistic living with more than 1,000 online yoga, Pilates, and meditation videos. The site also provides expert information on healthy living, workplace wellness, green living, health advice, a Q&A forum with experts, and more. Get a free month to our site here:



NexusPublishing Inc.

Nexus, Colorado’s Healthy-Living Connection magazine, keeps folks in the Front Range in touch with the people and events that inspire and heal them. For 35 years Nexus has been reaching around 80,000 health-and-spirituality enthusiasts with each bi-monthly issue.



Gift Bag Partners



Garbanzo offers guests a variety of authentic Mediterranean items with an emphasis on flavor, freshness and quality, as well as a healthy trans-fat free menu. Guests have the ability to customize every meal with items such as pita, laffa, falafel, shwarma, hummus, seasoned rice, sauces and dressings. For more information about Garbanzo, visit