How Do You Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone?


Grab a pen, now draw a circle, inside write “comfort zone.” Now somewhere else on the page draw another circle, write “where the magic happens.” Notice how the two do not intersect. When we live our lives inside our comfort zone we become accustomed to the descriptors ‘familiarity’, ‘safety’, and ‘consistency;’ these are all good things, but decidedly different than the descriptors for the area outside of the comfort zone: ‘challenge,’ ‘adventure,’ and ‘growth.’

Exploring “adventure” holds the most romance, and this is not something that needs to occur in the jungles of a faraway land, climbing trees and eating coconuts while avoiding the risk of a large jungle cat who sees you as something decidedly gourmet. All you need is you, in the present moment. You are a starship named [insert your name here] on a voyage through creation. This is not to say that you are a machine, the complete opposite. You are an organic miracle in this universe.

Entire lifetimes have been devoted to discovering what we are, but let’s forget all of that, and focus on the size, the shape of things. In this reality there are things that are very small: ants, water molecules, atoms, quarks, the Higgs Boson particle; and things that are very large: oak trees, oceans, planets, the moon, the stars and the vast spaces in between. And somewhere in the middle of all this awe, there exists a wonderful creature able to look up and fathom her, or his, place in it. Now to take this exercise a step further…close your eyes…and realize the size of what’s here, your imagination and all that makes you up, is just as big if not bigger than the entirety of the ever-present All.

By going inward, spending time discovering the vast space behind our eyes, we study ourselves, the most worthy of endeavors, and in this meditative space, ask yourself, what makes you uncomfortable? If you’re like most, chanting may press your “pause.” Perhaps when others are doing it you leave your voice low, so that if everyone were to drop into silence, the only one hearing you would be you, but let’s come back to a simple question: remember the first time you ever OMed? Or perhaps you’ve never done it. It can be very intimidating. Thoughts run like trains through your head. Am I doing this right, is anyone looking at me, do I have a funny face, can they hear me? But if you’ve ever done it with true abandon, you can feel the tone of the divine as the group slips into the frequency, the sound, of the universe.

At Chantfest you will interact with people you do not know, you will touch people you do not know, chant, sing next to and with someone you do not know–but turning this perception around, approaching it with the idea of cultivating your heart embers…come to Denver with the simple intention of being willing to softly exhale upon them, and to let others do the same. Come to Denver to fall just a little bit more in love with yourself. It is only by falling in love with yourself that these embers can truly ignite. And if you can do this, then your comfort zone dissolves and every moment becomes a sacred opportunity for you and anyone who interacts with you.

Have you booked your ticket yet?