Friday Yoga & Workshop Classes

Valentines Vinyasa: Bhakti Love!

with Govin Das and Radha


On this sweet day of Love and opening class of Denver Chant Fest 2014, come join us for an uplifting and joyful valentines ritual and celebrating the power of LOVE!

Govind Das and Radha will sensitively yet courageously guide yogis and yoginis through a blissful mandala of kirtan, asana, devotion, bhakti-philosophy, and prayer. Like a moving meditation and devotional dance, Students will flow through vinyasa movements and kirtan (yogic chanting) at the SAME TIME! This ritual is designed to compassionately open our bodies, voices, minds and hearts, and help each of us cultivate our own unique and loving relationship with the divine.

“Love is the Strongest Medicine”- Neem Karoli Baba