Be the Bhav: Denver Chant Fest, Day 3


Be the Bhav: Denver Chant Fest, Day 3A sweet Sunday morning at Denver Chant Fest. From my perch at the top of the theater, I can see the love. The floor space is covered with yoga mats and their owners, and a few yogis hold the space at the top of the theater. Kindness Yoga owner Patrick Harrington is presenting, his partner Cameron is off to the side waiting to assist with the class, and their little one with Grandma, looking down from the top.

We practice in the theater this morning. The ballroom is used for a church service, so the building is filled with people celebrating the Divine in our own, unique ways. I can hear and feel the vibration of the music/beat from the service below us as Patrick talks about our own vibrations.

This is the day when yoga begins slowly, moving in bodies that may be a little sore or tired. We’ve worked hard this weekend. The energy builds during Patrick’s class and throughout the morning. By the time Dawnelle Arthur leads Qi Yoga, the last class at this second annual Denver Chant Fest, everyone looks energized again.

We’ve experienced yoga and Kirtan from incredible national teachers and performers over the weekend. Sunday at Denver Chant Fest brings us closer to home, highlighting some of the amazing yoga and musicians in our local community. And, from here, we return home.

Our path, from here, is up to us. Last year, I suggested many ways to keep the bhav flowing, by participating in our local yoga and Kirtan community. This year, I’m suggesting that you start with you. Continue to nurture and nourish your body, mind and spirit on your path. Then send the love out, not from your depths but from the overflow. Send it out in small ways. As Mother Theresa said:

We can do no great things;
only small things with great love.

Make a conscious choice how you show up in your life. Sure, it’s easier to simply settle back into our routines, but you’ve experienced a greater love and you can’t turn back now. Say hello to someone new, tell someone how much you appreciate them, or even mend that broken relationship. Be the bhav. As Dave Stringer says, “What creates value is not holding on, it’s giving it away.”

Dakini told us during the opening ceremony that we were here to “practice our practice.” You’ve practiced. You’re ready. Take your shining, uniquely amazing self out into the world and be the bhav. And don’t forget to always, always include yourself in that circle of love.