A Love Letter to C.C. White


2014 Passes here

Dear C.C.:

Moments of true connection often elude me. I buy into the illusion of ego that I am alone. Tonight, however, as I attend your kirtan, you remind me as we chant the names of the Divine that no separation exists, that we are all one. You reminded me that it in our humanness—with its jagged edges—that we fully express our divinity.  Through you willingness to show up at the Denver Chant Fest in the wake of great loss, and I mean really, vulnerably, authentically show up, you remind me that we are here, as Dakini Ma said in her opening remarks, “to rise each other up.” You remind me that we are strongest when we are vulnerable, because it is in our most vulnerable times that we remember to reach out for support and community. We are here, at Denver Chant Fest and in this lifetime, to support one another and to love one another. You asked tonight for hugs and the opportunity to express love to each other. This blog is my expression of love. I send you light and love just as I know you send light and love to each and every one of us in the audience tonight (the buzz is palpable!). My heart is full in this moment, of gratitude for the gifts that you share and of the knowingness that I have been raised up. 

- Erin Mathiason