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Denver Chant Fest 2015
President's Day Weekend

Feb 13-15 2015
Sherman Street Event Center

2015 Season Coming Soon


A sweet Sunday morning at Denver Chant Fest. From my perch at the top of the theater, I can see the love. The floor space is covered with yoga mats and their owners, and a few yogis hold the space at the top of the theater. Kindness Yoga owner Patrick Harrington is presenting, his partner Cameron is off to the side waiting to assist with the class, and their little one with Grandma, looking down from the top. We practice in the theater this morning. The ballroom is used for a church service, so the building is filled with people celebrating the Divine in our own, unique ways. I can hear and feel the vibration of the music/beat from the service below us as Patrick talks about our own vibrations. This is the day when yoga begins slowly, moving in bodies that may be a little sore or tired. We’ve worked hard this weekend. The energy builds during Patrick’s class and throughout the morning. By the time Dawnelle Arthur leads Qi Yoga, the last class at this second annual Denver Chant Fest, everyone looks energized again. We’ve experienced yoga and Kirtan from incredible national teachers and performers over the weekend. […]

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As a “seasoned yogi,” my first forays into Kirtan required trekking from Denver to Boulder for rare Jai Uttal appearances. Now, Kirtan is a regular offering at many local studios, and Denver Chant Fest brings us a sampling of the best of the best. Kirtan is more accessible, not only in its local availability, but also in its presentation. Kirtan artists/wallahs have emerged from every musical genre. We still chant the names of God, but we chant not only in the traditional Sanskrit but also in English. As we chanted along with Deepak and the Breath of Life Tribe, our chant of “Jai Ma” became Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean.” Kirtan has evolved into a celebration of universal spirituality, whether that looks like “Hare Krishna” for you, or “Hallelujah,” or the most simple and profound of all prayers: “thank you.” As we chanted today with Deepak and the Breath of Life Tribe, with Jai Uttal, with Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band, and many others, we celebrate our diversity in religious backgrounds and come together in the love that is at the root of all of our paths. The evolution of Kirtan opens up our own evolution, and, chanting together, […]

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I vowed to myself that, this year, I’d write something different. But I sat in the Soul Kirtan with C.C. White and these words flowed. If you’ve been in the presence of CC, I know you understand. Dakini introduced C.C White as a “goddess woman,” and C.C. calls herself the “Spiritual James Brown.” She is as vibrant as the signature red she wears. When she performed at last year’s first annual Denver Chant Fest, her father had passed away just four days before. She came to perform, to be lifted up. This year, she honored this “sweet anniversary.” C.C.’s deep sultry voice invokes the sensuality of the practice, the God as lover that Rumi wrote about. “It’s about love, it’s about peace . . .” she sings. She pulls the audience in close, holding them in the warm embrace of her voice. They dance and sway. The ballroom is a cocoon bathed in soft blue light and love. Dakini joins C.C White and the band on stage. The music and the dance, all a slow groove to God. Hands raised overhead as the energy rises. C.C. roots are deep in music made to stir the soul: old school funk, R […]

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The second annual Denver Chant Fest kicked off at the Sherman Street Events Center on Valentine’s Day, and what better day than this to gather in celebration of love? We gather to chant and move and sweat together, and we “benefit from greater energy and vibrations” in community. Denver Chant Fest Founder Dakini Ma Jaeger is a testament to love—of yoga, Kirtan, Denver Chant Fest and authentic transformation (have you seen her lately?). Dakini was a ballet dancer before she was sidelined with torn hamstrings at age 19. She started practicing yoga, and opened Stapleton’s Core Power Yoga in 2007. As Denver Chant Fest opens, Dakini thanks the 50+ people who make this Denver Chant Fest possible. She instructs the festival participants that this is the time to “practice our practice.” She tells us the weekend experience will be different for every single person, but we’ll have the experience together. Manoj and Jyothi Chalam take the stage for the invocation to Ganesha, officially opening the festival. When California-based husband and wife teaching team Govin Das and Radha take the stage for the first yoga class, the room is full and expectant. Hundreds of beautiful souls are ready to open their […]

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Shraddha…the term may be unfamiliar. It may be the first time you’ve heard it. It may sound like some odd dish they serve in a dusty corner of the globe where niceties are not observed, or a combination of something you wear and could also possibly eat, a mix of cloak and Injera, that wonderful Ethiopian substance that could be described as “pita cloth.” It could be any of those things; it could be anything you desire. Shraddha directly translated means “that which you place in your heart.” It could be an idea, an emotion, a beautiful thought you had when you were a child, any thing. Think of your heart as a sacred vessel, where you put your most secret desires, your most sacred dreams. This is where you hold the things that are most important, so you hold them closest. What you hold closest to you, becomes you. Take a moment to just meditate on that, what are the things you hold closest to you? Are they good things, are they things that move you along, helping you keep pace with the flow of life…or are they little anchors that require their chords to be snipped? We asked […]

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Grab a pen, now draw a circle, inside write “comfort zone.” Now somewhere else on the page draw another circle, write “where the magic happens.” Notice how the two do not intersect. When we live our lives inside our comfort zone we become accustomed to the descriptors ‘familiarity’, ‘safety’, and ‘consistency;’ these are all good things, but decidedly different than the descriptors for the area outside of the comfort zone: ‘challenge,’ ‘adventure,’ and ‘growth.’ Exploring “adventure” holds the most romance, and this is not something that needs to occur in the jungles of a faraway land, climbing trees and eating coconuts while avoiding the risk of a large jungle cat who sees you as something decidedly gourmet. All you need is you, in the present moment. You are a starship named [insert your name here] on a voyage through creation. This is not to say that you are a machine, the complete opposite. You are an organic miracle in this universe. Entire lifetimes have been devoted to discovering what we are, but let’s forget all of that, and focus on the size, the shape of things. In this reality there are things that are very small: ants, water molecules, atoms, […]

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